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In February 2012 a $13M Onamia School District-wide bond referendum and alternative facilities bonding project passed, providing for improvements to numerous and major interior renovations and infrastructure replacements to the district’s existing 74,800 square foot high school. The project was completed prior to the fall of 2014 for the 2014/2015 school year.

Major project components included the following:

  • Replacement of the existing auxiliary underground fuel oil tanks with new above ground LP fuel tanks to address the service interruption
  • Replacement of the existing heating system (steam boilers, pumps and piping) with new energy efficient condensing boilers, variable frequency pumps, piping and insulation
  • Replacement of the existing domestic water system with a new main service, water softeners, energy efficient water heaters, pumps, piping and insulation
  • Replacement of the existing HVAC systems (air-handling equipment, hydronic piping and associated ductwork) as well as the existing pneumatic controls with new air-handling equipment, energy recovery units, hydronic piping, ductwork and insulation
  • Installation of a new building automation system that controls and monitors the new boiler plant and HVAC equipment
  • Replacement of the existing fluorescent lighting with building-wide LED lighting
  • Replacement of the existing communications cabling throughout the building with new to provide for increased connectivity and use of technology
  • Building renovation to provide for a new special education suite, high school administration offices, staff workroom, learning lab, fitness room, main entrance and lobby/student commons, enlarged band room, computer lab, “clean” lab, wood shop, locker rooms, stage and theatrical curtains and rigging, athletic entrance and district office
  • New flooring, paint and ceilings throughout all other spaces that were not renovated
  • Replacement of all classroom doors and new markerboard/tackboard walls between classrooms
  • Newly configured parking lot to promote and increase safety
  • Installation of a new building security system that included security cameras and card readers

At a Glance


74,800 square foot high school

Construction Cost:


Completion Date:

Summer 2014

Services Provided:

Significant renovations and infrastructure replacements

Due to a good bidding climate and bids for the overall project coming in under budget, the district was able to accomplish additional projects at the adjoining elementary school. These projects included:

  • Complete re-roofing of the elementary school classroom wings
  • Installation of new building security system that included security cameras and card readers
  • Renovation of existing corridor space to accommodate installation of a new freezer and expanded dry storage, implemented in 2015 with the last of the remaining bond dollars