ICS Consulting has Partnered with Eight Different Coops in Minnesota to Provide Programs and Services Through Unique and Collaborative Partnerships

Lakes Country Service Cooperative, Resource Training & Solutions, Southwest West Central Service Cooperative, Northeast Service Cooperative, South Central Service Cooperative, Southeast Service Cooperative, Northwest Service Cooperative, and Sourcewell have partnered with ICS to offer value-added professional building solutions tailored to meet the needs of our members. Together, we are able to offer facility solutions in the areas of:

LTFM Program Management

With decades of K-12 education facility experience, we are uniquely qualified to assist our education customers in development and implementation of 10-year programs for long-term facility maintenance (LTFM) funding. We assist in providing required MDE documentation and getting the most out of the condition of existing buildings.

Energy Efficiency and Monitoring Services

Advancements in data analytics software and technology enable a tremendous opportunity for customers, big or small, to economically gain and understand information where energy is being wasted everyday in their facilities. ICS can help you complete an in-depth analysis that will include identifying the breakdown of utility use by function and recognize opportunities for energy savings.

Small Projects

Our enhanced resources around mechanical, electrical and civil engineering allow us to quickly and efficiently assist customers in identifying and implementing solutions for maintenance, repair or energy-related issues you may have.

Long-Range Planning

Long-range planning is where our solutions staff help you address and implement a long range facility and educational vision for your district. We work with you to engage key stakeholder groups in listening sessions to gain internal and community direction and consensus, do analysis for space needs and educational adequacy, help you develop solutions options, financial options, hold district consultations and community leadership reviews. We are your partner in outlining a long-term, district vision and in ensuring the implementation of that vision.

ICS Education Projects

ICS’s team of professionals understands the need for members to understand how to maintain their buildings to ensure a healthy learning and working environment for the students and staff. ICS’s team also understands the multiple funding sources available to MN school districts and can make sure each member is utilizing the right funding source to minimize tax impact and maximize maintenance needs.

ICS offers guidance to our members who want to take a more pro-active approach to facility planning. When utilizing ICS’s services, members will have access to consultants who will help them make facility improvement decisions based on stakeholder input and inform communities’ taxpayers every step of the way. When community leaders are involved in what’s being planned, they’re generally more supportive of the decisions made towards facility planning.

Approaching facility maintenance planning this way will help our members be financially prepared for the large cost of things like roof replacements, energy upgrades, new buildings and remodels. “We are a resource for communities to help assist them with long-range facility planning and implementation,” said Jason Splett, Business Development leader in ICS’s Duluth office.

ICS offers facility planning consulting, program management and construction management services. ICS consultants offer a diverse range of experience and expertise with a proven track record, financial stability and innovation unmatched in the area.